Fire Suppression Services

Our certified technicians are trained to work on your commercial kitchen hood, paint booth, and food truck suppression systems. We send our team to annual trainings so that they stay up to date on NFPA 96 and industry codes and standards.

We take seriously the importance of having working equipment when you need it most and do everything within our ability to make that happen for your safety.

Semi-Annual Service

What do you get at a semi-annual service?

Inspection: Our certified and trained technician will visually inspect your suppression system. When examining the hood, the technician will verify that baffles are installed, there are no holes, and that all appliances/duct/plenum have the correct nozzle coverage. Gauges will be checked to ensure the cylinders are in the correct operating range.

Nozzle Cleaning: Every nozzle will be wiped down, as grease and grime can build up on them. This helps prevent the nozzle from becoming clogged. Foil seals will be replaced, as needed, and we will ensure nozzle caps are installed,.

Link Replacement: Every link will be replaced with a new one.

Testing: The technician will test the functionality of the manual pull stations, the gas valve and micro switch, and ensure the fans are operating propersly.  

Accurate Test Dates: The date of the cylinders will be checked to determine if a hydrostatic test needs to be performed. A hydrostatic test is required every 12 years for kitchen systems. Paint booths receive the same maintenance schedule as dry chemical fire extinguishers.

In addition to examining the cylinder, the technician will check dates on the cartridge and replace as needed.

Deficiency Reporting: If our certified technician determines that your system is not in compliance, it will be “red tagged” and marked deficient. This is to indicate to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) that repairs, adjustments, or replacements are required. You will be contacted by the AHJ to correct any deficiencies.

Quote to Comply: If your system is tagged with a deficiency, our sales team will provide you with a quote to determine the most economical way to get you back into compliance.

Inspection Report Submission: After the inspection, our office staff will upload your inspection report to the appropriate Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), whether it has passed or failed an inspection. Many of our local AHJ’s utilize The Compliance Engine™ to track fire safety equipment.

Inspection Report Delivery: We will also email you a Service Link via ServiceTrade™ to view your detailed BuilidngReports™ inspection report.

technician servicing kitchen hood suppression system
closeup of Protex cylinder from hood suppression system

System Repairs

What if my system was found to be deficient or I want to move my cooking equipment around?

  • Whether our certified technician finds a deficiency at a semi-annual inspection or you, as the customer, decide to move your cooking equipment around and now have elements no longer covered by suppression, we can assist you!
  • Our technician will take detailed notes on your deficiencies or needs and hand them off to our sales team, who will then provide you with a quote indicating the most efficient and affordable way to remedy your situation.
  • Once a quote has been approved, we will gather and order the necessary parts. A down payment of one-half the quote amount will be required before we can proceed.
  • A repair appointment will be made.
  • After the repairs or updates are completed, our office staff will submit a report to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to indicate that you are now in compliance.

System Installations

Building a new restaurant or have a new food truck that needs a hood suppression system installed?

  • We provide free estimates on all new installations.
  • Our certified technician will take comprehensive notes and / or look over building plans, to determine your hood suppression needs.
  • The sales team will provide to you an economical quote for the installation.
    Once the quote is approved, plans will be drawn up and a permit will be acquired from the appropriate city.
  • A down payment of one-half of the quote will be required before we can proceed with ordering the necessary parts.
  • An appointment will be made for the installation.
  • Once installed, a final inspection will be conducted with the Fire Marshal.
  • After a new installation has passed final inspection, our office staff will submit the report to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and you will be placed on a 6-month maintenance plan.
  • Our scheduler will call you one month before you are due to schedule your 6-month maintenance.
Kitchen hood suppression system