Fire Prevention Resources 

Trusted Leaders in Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness

Below are a few leading industry organizations who help bring fire prevention information, education, and best practices to the industry. Visit their sites to learn more.

Center for Campus Fire Safety

Coalition for Current Safety Codes

Fire Extinguishers Save Lives

International Association of Fire Chiefs

International Code Council (ICC)

National Association of State Fire Marshals

National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors

The National Fire Protection Association

Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

United States Fire Administration

Oregon Fire Equipment Distributors

Educational and Informational PDF Infographics and Downloads

Fire safety begins with education! Download these pdf resources to stay informed and prepared.

See it. Grab it. Use it.

PDF File download

What’s Your Balanced Fire Protection Plan?

PDF File download

Fire Extinguisher Readiness for Building Owners

PDF File download

Food Truck Safety

PDF File download

What is NFPA 10?

PDF File download

Codes vs. Standards

PDF File download

Extinguisher Types

PDF File download

Fire Types – Fire Classifications

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P.A.S.S. Infographic

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WPI Infographic

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