does your business need fire extinguisher cabinets? Is it really required for fire safety? Learn more about fire safety cabinets here.


As a safety measure, OSHA recommends placing fire extinguishers in all working environments. Nowhere is it mentioned that it is not mandatory to place a portable fire extinguisher in a cabinet.

According to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), you may have to place your fire extinguishers in designated fire extinguisher cabinets for compliance reasons.

However, fire extinguisher cabinets can be beneficial to your business for various purposes. To learn more about why you need fire extinguisher cabinets in your business premises, keep reading.

1. ADA Compliance

According to the ADA, any wall mounted fire extinguishers should not protrude by more than four inches from the wall. This applies for fire extinguishers that get mounted between 27 and 80 inches off the ground.

Generally, the act states that if any fire extinguisher gets mounted on a wall at the above height, it will have to get recessed into the wall. A perfect solution to meet the compliance need is to use a recessed fire extinguisher cabinet.

An added advantage of using a cabinet is that the fire extinguisher cabinet height will still be under the OSHA fire extinguisher mounting height rule.

2. Protect Your Outdoor Extinguishers from the Elements

 Fire extinguishers mounted on the outside of a business’s premises get exposed to all the elements. These include:

  • Snow and ice
  • Salty air
  • Rain
  • Extreme heat and cold during summer and winter

All these factors contribute to the deterioration of the fire extinguisher container.

Additionally, insects, dust, and debris from leaves can get into the nozzle cavity, causing the opening to get blocked. In the event of a fire, this would render the extinguisher useless.

However, if you make use of a fire extinguisher cabinet, you keep your extinguishers safe from any adverse effects that come with exposure to the outdoor elements.

3. Safety from Damage

 In an industrial premise, wall mounted fire extinguishers are bound to get bumped into as workers move heavy loads and equipment. If an extinguisher gets hit by a heavy metal object, it can get damaged and result in a malfunction when you need it the most.

To ensure that no damage gets inflicted on your fire extinguishers, you can lock them up in a cabinet. Fire extinguisher cabinets are sturdy and can withstand blunt force. Additionally, they get recessed into walls, thus reducing the chances of getting damaged by passing objects.

Some industries also work with corrosive chemicals that can react with the extinguisher’s metal tank. Fortunately, fire cabinets come in a variety of materials. The materials can include hardened glass, which is not reactive with most chemicals.

4. Prevent Extinguisher Theft

 It may come as a surprise, but even fire extinguishers can get stolen. Extinguishers mounted on the outside of a building are easy targets for thieves. If you install your extinguishers using a brace mount, all a thief has to do is lift it from the brace and go.

However, if you lock the extinguishers in a fire extinguisher case, a thief will have a much harder time gaining access to them.

Protect Your Business With Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

 The best way to guarantee your extinguishers don’t get damaged or tampered with is by placing them in fire extinguisher cabinets. In the event of an accidental fire, a fire extinguisher is your first line of defense. If the extinguisher got damaged earlier and fails to work, then you are in serious trouble.

Would you like to buy fire extinguisher cabinets for your business? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Let us provide you with a cabinet best suited for your business environment.