Inspections at regular intervals will ensure that your extinguishers are ready for anything! Here’s our guide to maintaining and servicing fire extinguishers.

One of the easiest ways to prevent devastation from a fire is to be prepared with a fire extinguisher.

However, simply having a fire extinguisher in your home is not enough if you don’t properly maintain it. Fire extinguishers require regular maintenance and servicing.

For more information about servicing fire extinguishers to keep you and your property safe and prepared for a fire, keep reading.

Storing Your Fire Extinguisher

Knowing how to use your fire extinguisher is only a small part of making sure you’re prepared if a fire breaks out.

Where you store your fire extinguisher could mean the difference between life and death if a fire does occur. Fire extinguishers should be stored in smart places that are easily accessible.

You’ll want to make sure it’s visible and easy to reach. You don’t want to store it somewhere where you can’t get to it without moving other supplies.

So where should you store it?

We recommend looking at the label on your fire extinguisher and determining which type you have. There are three types of fire extinguishers designed for different types of fires.

Store your fire extinguisher in a place where that type of fire is most likely to occur. Common options include the kitchen, the garage, and the laundry area.

Be sure to have one on each floor.

Perform Regular Checks

Read the instructions that come with your fire extinguisher or are included in the box.

Determine what the recommended pressure level for your fire extinguisher is. Periodically, usually once a month, ensure that the gauge reads at that level.

There’s usually a pressure testing mechanism-like button to allow you to check. If the pressure is too low, either replace your single-use fire extinguisher or have your rechargeable one recharged.

You’ll also want to periodically pull the pin to make sure the fire extinguisher is working.

Servicing Fire Extinguishers

The best way to know how to service your fire extinguisher is to read the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

The type of service required depends on what kind of fire extinguisher you have.

If you have a single-use, disposable fire extinguisher, you can service it yourself. If you have a rechargeable fire extinguisher, you’ll need to have it tested and serviced by a professional company according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Other important ways to service your own fire extinguisher including inspecting it regularly for any damage or debris and shaking up the powder.

Check for any dents or signs of corrosion and clean the hose and nozzle. If you have a dry-chemical fire extinguisher, once a month, shake the canister to mix up the power to keep it from settling.

Have Your Fire Extinguisher Professionally Serviced

Servicing fire extinguishers is essential to making sure they are in working order should a fire break out.

Failing to prepare by keeping your fire extinguish ready and accessible could cost you your life.

If you need your rechargeable fire extinguisher professionally serviced or you are looking for more information about staying safe from fire, contact us today.