How do you choose the best fire suppression contractor for your business? Find out how to find the perfect contractor to minimize disaster.


According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were over 1.3 million fires in the US in 2017. This means there were about 3,562 fire incidents every day across the country.

These fires resulted in the loss of 3,400 lives, over 14,000 injuries and $23 billion in losses. Interestingly, many of these fires could have been prevented if a fire suppression contractor had been hired to install preventive measures.

While there are many causes of fire incidents, the truth is these incidents can be avoided if there’s a fire system in place. To install one though, you’ll need to hire the right fire protection contractor.

These specialists will help set up your fire suppression system so that your business has a fighting chance against fire triggers. To find the right fire suppression contractor, the following is very important.

Look at Their Certifications


All seasoned and established fire suppression contractors are certified. But, do your due diligence when hiring one.

Ask them for their certifications. All fire suppressing contractors understand that their certifications are just as important.

One of these certifications includes those from NICET. These are organizations you want to get your fire suppression contractor qualification from. This way, if you request it, they’ll be able to show you.

Check Their Organizational History


One of the best ways to see if a fire suppression contractor is a truly competent one is to see their history. You need to be sure that they actually know what they’re saying they do.

Ask for examples of past projects to make sure that they can deliver and install your fire suppression system to your place. In fact, make sure that you look for penalties from recognized bodies like the EPA and OSHA.

Citations from these bodies mean the company probably has erred in the past and has been penalized.

What Do People Say About Them?


There’s a fire every 24 seconds in the US. This means firefighters are being dispatched to these troubled locations.

You can drastically lower the odds of your business place or home going up in flames, by simply checking out what people have said, are saying and will probably say about the fire suppression contractor.

Reputable contractors are always spoken of in good light. People trust them, and will even refer them to others when they need one. You need to check online and do a search for their reviews.

If there’s no elaborately written review, just follow those on Google. In fact, we’ll suggest you take those reviews very seriously. Also, ask them for verifiable references in the form of past and present customers.

If they’re reluctant to provide this, please walk away and look for one who would.

Is that All on Finding the Best Fire Suppression Contractor?


Not really. Make sure your intended fire suppression contractor is insured and bonded. Also, make sure that they can cater to just about any business, including food trucks. If you want more tips on how best to hire a fire contractor, go check out the Instant Fire Protection blog.